Fosters Funny Alan Partridge

Ste Coogan is on a roll at the moment. He has just launched a new series of the brilliant Alan Partridge on and is involved with new BBC 2 comedy "The Trip" with Rob Brydon.

The new Alan Partridge episodes are excellent. 10 minutes each, they quickly take you back immediately to the much missed TV series of old. This time Partridge is fronting "North Norfolk Digital" with the episodes filmed through the studio webcam. Alan is as boring as ever, jingles as diabolical as ever but the subtle humour from Coogan is as sharp as ever.

What can go wrong does go wrong (and as we find in episode 2 this week) Alan takes part in a radio documentary on his family history, only to find one of his relatives dies of syphilis prompting Alan to remark "if I was going on a man's radio show to accuse one of his ancestors of having a sexual disease I wouldn't want to be pretty sure, I would want to be the next step up; which is, presumably, 'uber sure'".

The series is also a great social media strategy from Fosters. The results must be staggering, both from a brand equity perspective to the amount of news coverage. You can check them out on YouTube below.

If you love these check out The Trip on BBC 2, which follows Ste Coogan and Rob Brydon as they travel around North England reviewing restaurants. Directed by Michael Winterbottom, it is beautifully produced as Coogan and Brydon vibe off each other with hysterical impressions while you try to figure who is real and who is an actor in the surroundings. It is also great to see the North beautifully shot, and to me the food courses create just as much as the great dialogue.

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