Facebook launches Social Inbox

Facebook have launched a brand new messaging system, which introduces a fusion of email, SMS and Facebook messaging.

Speaking at a Facebook conference today, founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that "email is dead", claiming it to be "too slow and formal".

It is something I've thought about for a while now. At work we send thousands of emails a week. Emails are important as they obviously track a timeline of conversation and we are then able to save emails into job bags for future reference. This is something which is lost in a verbal conversation and can be lost using instant messaging.

A solution where you can have a platform like Outlook, but instead of simply receiving an email, you could start an instant real time conversation which would then be saved into a folder just like email would be ideal.

This is a solution which Zuckerberg is putting forward although texts and all method of written conversation would also be saved in a historical timeline instead of being scattered on various solutions. The inbox will also be split into friends, general email and junk. A nice touch.

It is a genius solution, showing great understanding. It is a great move for Facebook.

And yes, all Facebook users will be getting a Facebook email address, although Zuckerberg was keen to stress it wouldn't be an "email address" as such, perhaps more an "identity".

To start with Social Inbox will be by invite only, however if you head to www.facebook.com/about/messages - you can ask for an invite.

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