Horse of the Year Show Tickets

Becky and I ventured down to the NEC in Birmingham on Wednesday for the Horse of the Year show. Becky loved the day and arrived home a lot lighter in the purse but weighed down by shopping!

We had a good day but I wanted to highlight something just in case you were thinking of going because I think it is very poor form from the organisers Grandstand Media.

Becky had left buying the tickets to the last minute (due to saving up to go and trying to get the day off). Luckily she managed to get the day off, however when it came to the tickets last week we were shocked to find that the £26 and £36 a ticket seats had sold out - for these seats to sell out on a Wednesday and Thursday is very unheard of. There was no way we could afford £56 each, it wouldn't be good value for money either with the professional riders not being very active on the Wednesday.

Anyway after searching long and hard we managed to grab hold of some £36 tickets.

For Horse of the Year show to say those cheaper tickets were sold out is wrong. We sat in the arena and there were hundreds of empty cheap seats. It was so empty that the stewards told us to sit at the front (in the expensive seats) as it wouldn't be busy.

Surely it would make better sense to fill up the arena with cheaper prices than hang on to see if people would pay £56 a ticket (which from talking to 5 people they didn't). Grandstand Media have had to pull the British Open Showjumping Championships already due to lack of interest, perhaps they should revise their strategy or Horse of the Year show will follow suit.

It isn't a cheap day out, especially for families. You also have to pay £8 parking, and if you want a programme that is another £8 (I know I fainted too). Food and drink isn't cheap either, easily £4 for a sandwich, hot dog or burger and a cup of tea even comes in at £1.60.

Yes of course best advice is to book as early as possible especially if you are thinking of going Friday, Saturday or Sunday, (if you book by December you can pay 2010 prices rather than 2011 so sounds like they're going up again) but for Wednesday and Thursday book the cheapest you can as chances are you'll sit nearer the front anyway. Approximate tmes are available on the website beforehand so print those off from there to save the ridiculous £8 programme charge.

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