It's good to see that branding still plays a massive part in our day to day lives.

Clothing retailer Gap announced that it was to give it's reknowned logo an overhaul in an attempt to appeal to a modern audience. The new logo included a blue square in the top right hand corner as a nod to the old branding.

Well it's safe to say it all kicked off. Over 2000 comments on it's Facebook page, not counting those on Twitter (a Twitter feed dedicated to both the old and new Gap logo were created). Such was the uproar surrounding the new look that within a week of announcing the new logo Gap decided to pull it and revert back to it's previous branding.

There are two ways to look at this.

1) Gap has a terrible communications strategy. Do they really know their audience?
I would love to see the brief for this new logo. It is terrible. It is poor design, secondary school at best execution. I wouldn't have the square overlapping the "p" at all, nor the gradient in the square. It would cause all kind of production problems and would look terrible in a single colour.

Gap reverted back after only a couple of thousand people kicked up a fuss. For a global brand this is very weak. Were they too frightened to loose mouldy old customers and make a bold new decision? Surely they had done their research?

2) Is it a clever Social Media strategy?
I find it hard to believe that (according to MarketingMag) a reputable agency such as Laird & Partners in New York would create such a grotesque logo. Gap also announced through Facebook that they were re-branding. Not exactly the norm when executing such a major branding change.

Gap also pulled the new logo within a week due to a couple of thousand people complaining. Were they looking at a clever way to get people talking and add new followers to their Facebook and Twitter feeds? Perhaps create a bit of a fuss and get people to remember the glorious heritage of the Gap brand. Those expensively produced blue paper bags with the reversed logo. Look good on the high street don't they? When did you last shop at Gap? The clothes were expensive but the quality was good no? Wasn't there a time when it was cool to have your baby dressed head to foot in Gap? But now you shop at Next right?

I can't say which one it is but it would be genius if it was number 2. Shame they couldn't have kept it going slightly longer!

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