Dave Hinde Race Series

Those who read my blog will know I had a disagreement with a cyclist and a car recently which ended up with my 6 month old Dave Hinde L'Etape frame being written off, together with handlebars, cassette, chain and rear mech.

Anyway all this has meant a new frame and the guys at Dave Hinde have been excellent, in fact Jim was one of the first to phone me once the news had filtered through. They set to work in taking the bike apart and checked everything throughly. With my entry level L'Etape written off they made me an offer to replace it with a brand new Race Series frame which they had in stock. Made in Aluminum, like the L'Etape, the Race Series frame is made by Italian frame maker Dedacciai. For those of you who following cycling closely, Dedacciai also make the frames for Condor of the Rapha Condor Racing Team.

The Race Series frame is certainly a lot chunkier especially on the seat tube with a squared top and down tube. It means business and is similar weight if slightly lighter to the L'Etape. I have it finished with Pro-Lite kit, Mavic wheels and full Ultegra groupset.

I decided to upgrade the forks. I had Ambrosio forks previously, this was a default option from Dave Hinde. I wasn't impressed with the forks, right from the first ride they had a very harsh ride and wept under pressure when sprinting. They were very poor.

I upgraded to Deda's very own Blackfin racing forks which are full carbon and are also very light. The difference has been incredible already. The ride is a 100% better, the front of the bike glides along soaking up the little bumps. Compared to the Ambrosio forks it is like riding in an arm chair.

Combined with the Race Series frame, the Deda forks make a very nice ride. The bike is very forward moving, every pedal stroke pushes through the frame to the wheel. If you're looking for a first time road bike I'd probably stick to a L'Etape, for an upgrade or second affordable frame definitely consider the Road Series.

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Dedacciai dont make anything its made in China or Taiwan with their name on it