Monday's Training Run

I decided not to take part in the Ron Sant Memorial Ride on Sunday, opting to spend some time catching up with friends. I've been feeling really tired recently, concerned that I might be fighting off something I decided to have a bit of a blow out and a good lie in.

I instead went out for a couple of rides including a nice 37 miler on Sunday. This gave me the opportunity to try out MapMyRide, a nifty iPhone application that uses GPS to track your rides.

The really good thing about Map My Ride is that it gives you stats at the end of the ride. I did the 37 mile route in 2 hours 10 minutes with an average speed of 16 mph. Considering it was an easy spin of the legs I was impressed with the time and average speed (at one point my speed was 40mph+). I was also really happy to complete the whole ride without stopping, getting back home and still feeling good in the legs.

I've been experiencing problems with cramp/soreness in my thighs recently, my ITB especially being very sore and tight. I thought it may be due to fitness however I move my seat up slightly and seemed to cure it on my ride. Again just that small adjustment making the difference.

I'm still not entirely convinced, I went out on a quick 45 minute ride this evening and found my legs to be sore and lacking in energy. I seem to be having a lot of ups and downs at the moment. We continue....

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