I remember reading in Cycling Weekly one time, they said "the only way to improve climbing hills is to practice climbing hills". Simple eh? Hills are a cyclists worst nightmare after headwind, especially if you are fat like me.

I remember them saying "a cyclist will go to any length to avoid hills but once you change your mindset and start enjoying hills, you'll never stop finding them". Well that is what is happening to me.

I'm determind to improve on my hill climbing, it's the only thing letting my down. I hate climbing hills, I'm slow, I get puffed out however from past sportives I've learnt that I'm not going that slow, unless I get overtaken by a runner bean of a person. I've found that riding out of the saddle is better for me as I can control my deep breathing better.

Anyway in my quest to improve climbing up hills I've been finding every step hill in the area and I'm enjoying the challenge. Most require a good 15 mile ride out so it also gives me time to stretch the legs. I'm finding I'm improving really well, a longish hill near to where I live where at one time I was puffed out, gasping for air at the top at one point, I can now manage quite comfortably.

So again I'm really happy with progress.

I'm off to watch the Leaders Debate on ITV, with the most idiotic format that the audience can't boo, cheer or make comment. I would love to have been there when the agreement was made "yeah I'll go on a head to head debate as long as I don't have to communicate directly with the general public I'll be serving for". Great.

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