Finding My Legs

Today was a good day. I found my legs. The months spent before Christmas in the gym on the turbo, going through the dark days, the hours spent out in the snow, frost and chilly winds have all been worth it. Half way through today's ride I hit that sweetspot, the moment when the bike position is perfect, the legs are smoothly swiping round and the road was rolling beneath me effortlessly.

It is such a great feeling. Since January, although I've been putting in the miles, the legs have felt dead: plodding down on the pedals rather than a silky motion and I've noticed i'M grabbing on to the handlebars rather than balancing delicately.

I'm really pleased that I'm in this sort of form at the beginning of March especially with the Jodrell Bank and Cheshire Cat sportives coming up. Managing a 40 mile ride and still feeling good afterwards is really heart warming. I was glowing walking around Morrisons this afternoon! I just need to keep improving, incorporate more interval training to my rides and loose the weight. Going to watch the Eddie Soens Memorial on Saturday was a really inspiring move, I would love to get involved with those races.

Since the receiving the new bike I have been struggling to find the right position. I thought that after being measured it would be super spot on. A couple of trips out and I've found I've been over stretching and it just didn't feel right, I told myself it is a new position and I would have to get used to it but it just wasn't working. It is surprising just how much difference a millimeter can make. Trust me, if you feel like a div moving your saddle up and down: don't. Be patient, ride for 10 minutes and if it doesn't feel right (your leg muscles feel too strained or you can't swipe back on the pedal easily without having to adjust your leg) then stop and make an adjustment. It will take several very slight efforts but it is worth it. Don't struggle on, go with what you feel is right.

The bike is excellent however, I'm not too sure on the Ambrosio forks. I hadn't heard of Ambrosio until I had them fitted and I believe they are an Italian brand. I'm not convinced. Put it this way, they are very stiff. Ok, the Cheshire roads at the moment are nothing but a total disgrace but I might as well be holding on to a pneumatic drill, the vibrations are incredible. To be fair they are excellent at keeping position, despite the bumps I can float on the bars and they will remain going straight however I'm going to look into some other options such as 3T or Pro-Lite.

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