iPhone Has Arrived

Don't worry, this isn't turning into yet another Apple love up blog, but I have to tell you that my iPhone has arrived. And for those of you out there still considering: please do believe the hype. It is brilliant.

It was a close run call, I was considering the iPhone alongside the Blackberry and HTC Hero. A recent tweet saw over 40 people reply that I was bonkers/stupid/idiotic to even suggest thinking of anything else but an iPhone.

I've spoken in length to one of my best mates Tom Golden about the iPhone, and wondered what all the fuss was about. I could understand Tom as he is a top designer, much like the boys at One, they live their lives on Apple machinery and sometimes it can get a bit heavy on the Apple love. It was only when his wife Emma started harping on about it that I knew something was going on (she doesn't even have a Facebook account for gods sake!).

I now know why Tom and the Apple gang go on about iPhones and iMacs so much. The design, the functionality, the way something drags, moves, actions on the screen is just sublime. The user experience is second to none.

All the social media that I'm involved with comes alive and makes even more sense with an iPhone, with Twitter and Facebook coming a live through push notification. The applications are excellent, very nifty and useful if you use the right ones.

It's easy to use too, I was worried it might be a bit sticky but typing is better than I thought, especially on landscape.

I'm only one day in and I can already see how this iPhone will change my life...well no not change my life...not as strong as that, but aid me in my daily routine. I feel bad that I've not been part of this earlier, mainly due to being caught up in a contract, but in a social media sense, everything is coming to life, making my day that little bit easier.

I urge anyone upgrading, considering, thinking or dreaming to get one. You won't regret it.

Cheers Tom!

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