iPad - I like it.

So the world's worst kept secret finally was confirmed last week. Apple are launching a tablet or the "iPad".

I was quite surprised at the amount of negative feedback towards the iPad, most of it alligned at the fact that "well I've already got an iPhone and a laptop why do I need an iPad".

I think the question that needs to be asked is "why do I need a laptop"?

I can see where Apple are going with this and to be honest I'm interested in it. Notebooks or laptops are quite clunky things, however the tablet is thinner and sexier. I'm not a designer, I'm not a gamer, I'm not making movies - I don't need power. If I'm on the move I can type on the screen and then back at the office put it into a docking bay, use it as a screen and use an external keyboard.

I'm surprised at how people got caught up in it 'just' being a competitor to the Kindle. It will be more than that but yes it will be a nice big screen to stream newspapers, magazines or read books on to. Notice I said 'stream'. The iPad will change how we read media, no longer will a newspaper have the same headline for 24 hours, it can change throughout the day. News stories can be uploaded continuously, pictures will be movies.

The iPad will change how we view the internet, no longer will we be scrolling around and clicking with a mouse. We will be emotive, no longer huddled around a laptop on a 2 inch touchpad. We will be gliding content around on screen, swiping website content around and with this websites will change to be an even bigger experience for the visitor such as this example from Ikea.

I believe the iPad will be the death of the notebook, then following that the "tablet" genre as a whole will kill off the computer, and by that I mean the big bulky thing sitting under your desk. You see with Cloud Computing, there won't be the need for a processor, memory and graphics card. All you will need is a screen, keyboard and mouse - the processing power will come from above (or a server farm in a discreet location somewhere in America). You could running a mega powerful applications on your existing set up, thus you could run powerful applications from a tablet.

Cloud Computing is the future and it is coming. In the next few years we won't buy DVD's or games, we'll just download movies instantly like we do with music now. I imagine the way we watch television may change too, we won't have schedules just simply a list of programmes available to stream instantly.

Of course, this is just my opinion, I may be totally down the wrong track but I'd put good money on that it does.

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