Getting Back In The Rhythm

It is the weather that Saturday brought us that makes you appreciate being alive healthy and well. Although cold, the clear blue sky and hazy sunshine made everything cosy, a welcome break from the dingy winter days. I've said many a time on here that I am very fortunate to live surrounded by stunning Cheshire countryside; Friday and Saturday it was simply glorious.

I am also very fortunate that as part of new employee incentives work gave me my birthday off as an extra days holiday. Luckily this meant an extended weekend, even better the weather was fantastic.

Due to the poor January weather, weekend rides have been restricted. Due to work being busy at work, together with poor January motivation, turbo sessions have been minimal too. I've noticed that my technique has suffered because of this, more like plodding and stabbing on the pedals in big gears rather than smoothy swiping round.

On Friday, I managed a decent 2 hour non-stop session (including arriving at Tatton Park just as the gates were opening, riding through the middle of the estate and having it all to myself was just breathtaking), Saturday an hour and a half and Sunday an hour.

By the end of Friday's session I had got my rhythm back, smoothly pedalling at a high RPM. I'm still way off the fitness I had built up last summer but I'm getting there. A good couple of weeks of rides, together with some more hills and I'll be on my way.

I'm also getting leaner and I'm not eating heavily before or during rides. I want to get my body used to feeding off the energy already in there than depend on being fed constantly.

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