Can We Trust The Weatherman?

I heard a report on the radio the other day that the Met Office has come under fire for wrongly predicting the weather. This glorious cold snap we are currently having was supposed to be a mild winter.

A spluttering representative from the Met replied that in time as technology develops, long range weather testing will get better.

My thoughts are firstly, we won't ever be able to factually predict the weather. It's mother nature, a computer can't predict what I'm going to do over the next few hours, neither can it predict the weather. The Met office provides an informed prediction.

I was watching BBC News 24 when I was working from home due to the weather last week and one newsreader pleaded with a weatherman when the snow was going to subside as if it was an STD attacking us or something. The weatherman replied "we aren't sure, we believe it'll be here for at least another 2 weeks". The next thing, this moron of a newsreader started flapping and shrieking "so it could be 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks......months you don't know?!!". The weatherman gave him a look as if to say 'calm down mate' and said " It's just that 2 weeks is all we can say at the moment, it's highly unlikely to be longer".

There were concerns that the council hadn't stockpiled enough grit to cope with the bad weather. As if the councils were going to stockpile huge quantities of grit on the off chance we were going to have one of the worst winters in over 20 years! You can see it happening - following a mild winter, a newspaper reporter finds tonnes and tonnes of unused grit in stores, there would be public outrage of our precious taxes being wasted on a load of unused salt!

Secondly, if what we are predicting over the course of 6 months turns out to be incorrect; can we believe those that are predicting bad things from global warming?

Now I fall into the 'unsure' category here. I'm not as bad as Daily Mail journalist Melanie Philips, who on a recent Question Time proclaimed that global warming was "utter garbage" and "one of the greatest scientific scams of the modern age", however I am cautious.

If all scientists got together and said that "yes, without question this data is correct and the world is burning up" then I would be more inclined to listen. The fact that they seem to be arguing with each other doesn't rub well on me.

I'm also fed up with it being shoved down my neck every 60 seconds. It's an excuse for everything. If it rains for a bit longer than "for what I can remember" or the sunny temperatures are slightly barmy for June or we have a heavy snowfall; we blame global warming. The floods, these heavy snowfalls, they are just a once in a lifetime event. They have happened previously in the past 100 years and they will happen again.

We are also repeatedly encouraged to use public transport. As if I'm going to use a service where I'm crammed like a sardine into an old, disgustingly kept tin can, stood next to a guy with the worst case of halitosis in the world ever, while some drunk scallys create an uncomfortable atmosphere. That and the fact that services are normally longer and more expensive than if I had driven and desperately unreliable.

At the same time, I know I am incredibly lucky to live in the heart of the beautiful Cheshire countryside, so I am well aware of the world at risk.

To all those bothered about the snow - a belated bah humbug! Enjoy it while you can.

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