The Long Road To Cyclosportives 2010

It seems like ages ago since I last took part in a cyclosportive, although it was only 2 months ago. Every weekend burning around country lanes or getting home after work and charging up to Holmes Chapel and back. It seems like a life time ago now.

Since that last cyclosportive, the Manchester 100, I ventured to the gym a couple of times but it just isn't the same and I've been out every other weekend on my bike for a couple of hours but I'm finding the short days and change in weather is taking it's toll. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself, especially with no sportives to look forward to.

A couple of holidays to Zagreb and Edinburgh, together with a 2 week cold knocked out two weeks of any bike riding too. I think having been running on cycling fuelled adrenaline since March finally ran out and I just felt exhausted. I calculated I have cycled around 2000 miles this year.

I can feel the weight gain, I can feel my muscles and fitness just fading away and I know I need to do something about it, it's just finding the motivation in this cold, wet, miserable, dark, foggy weather.

Some much needed relief came this week with the announcement of a couple of dates for 2010. I've already entered the Cheshire Cat and fancy the 67 mile version up Mow Cop this year. Now just to get to the gym........

The Dates So Far....

The Cheshire Cat – 28th March
Manchester to Liverpool – 30th May
Manchester to Blackpool – 11th July
Manchester to Manchester – 5th September

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