Hincapie Leaves Columbia for BMC Racing

News that Columbia-HTC's George Hincapie has left to join BMC Racing. He has signed a two year deal which will see him be team captain.

It is a shame to see him leave Columbia-HTC, I feel he brought a lot of experience to the team and reading Mark Cavendish's autobiography you got a sense of support from him too. The response from Columbia-HTC will be interesting. Although they do have a huge amount of talent on board, loosing Hincapie and Berghardt will be a sad loss to them. Watching the Tour this year and from reading Mark Cavendish's autobiography, Hincapie helped Cavendish out on a number of occasions to bring him to the front.

I suppose it was a big temptation for George Hincapie, I thought he was going to join Lance Armstrong at his Team Radioshack along with Lepi Leipheimer. I think it's a testiment to George's character that he chose to go with a team with more options available, away from bowing down to Lance, and an option which will see him be captain. Good on him.

BMC have also signed world race champion Alexandro Ballan and George's fellow team mate Marcus Berghardt, 2 major signings which will make BMC a team to watch next year.

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