What did I say about Russell Downing?!

I told you, surely a place on Sky must be knocking on the door for Russell Downing now as he has only gone and now won this week's Tour of Ireland! This week's 3 day tour (cut down from 5 because of the credit crunch) included some big names including Mark Cavendish, Lance Armstrong, Dan Lloyd and Jeremy Hunt, their teams Columbia HTC, Astana and Cervelo are also represented. Halfords and Rapha Condor are other UK teams invited. Saxo Bank are also in there too.

Russell Downing won the first stage for his team Candi-TV Marshalls Pasta, which also saw Rapha Condor's Kristan House win a intermediate sprint. Not a bad year for him having won the National Champions Jersey recently. Mark Cavendish won the sprint on the second day too, rounding off an amazing year for him too.

For Russell Downing to win against such well recognised international riders is fantastic. I wouldn't mind a Pinarello Prince like his either!! At nearly £4000 just for the frame, I might need to save the pennies for a bit longer!

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