Weaver Valley Cycling Club & The League International

Having taken part in many sportives, having lost some weight and having stepped up training to 2x 30 mile and 2x 15 mile routes a week I'm now looking for other cycling events to get involved with.

Firstly I'm looking to join a local cycling club called Weaver Valley Cycling Club. Based in the Northwich area, it was formed back in 1962 and has grown to a strong 100+ members. My original plan of action was to train, and gain experience this year and look seriously next year into a club.

Having a met a number of guys from Weaver Valley, one of which caught up with me at a junction the other week, I think I'm ready to get involved and simply choose the right club rides on a Sunday which aren't too far away for me not to cope.

Talking of Weaver Valley, they ran a road race this morning around Weaverham. Fantastically well organised, about 6 escort cars, a motorbike and a massive peloton roared around a short loop.

I also popped along to a TLI event midweek. Again a circuit around quiet country routes, with escort cars. In my innocence I didn't realise such events existed here in the UK having read stories in Cycling Weekly about promotors having trouble running events and rolling road closures.

These guys simply set out a circuit, have a car out front, a motorbike in the middle and two cars, one being an ambulance at the back, with marshalls at every junction with red flags. All vehicles have signs and yellow lights. The marshalls simply step out when the lead car approaches, hold out red flags and stop traffic for literally 10 seconds. It is so simple. Reports of a couple of drivers beeping abuse were reported for being held up 10-20 seconds, a side from these morons everyone I saw loved the cycling, even stopping, pulling over into a layby and watching with delight. People even ventured out to watch. It was great to see.

Talking to the organisers, for me to get involved I need to loose weight. Not a problem, I knew that already, the guys looked super fit, well conditioned, very lean. I need to get down to 12 stone. We shall see - I can't wait to get involved in those races!

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