Cycling Weight Loss For Road Race

As blogged previously I need to loose 2 stone to take part in local races and to climb better. 12 stone is my aim.

Although I'm training harder than I ever have and covering more miles than ever before, I'm still struggling to drop the weight. I've slimmed down slightly, I've become more toned, my legs are stronger however I am too top heavy for both climbing, endurance and speed.

I've already cut down on a lot of things, however I'm now going hardcore!

* Cutting down on cheese and only using low fat cheese.
* Wholemeal bread only.
* Wholemeal pasta only.
* Wholemeal rice only.
* Alcohol only at the weekend and that being cut down to no more than 2-4 pints.
* No orangina during the week - water/orange squash only.
* No crunchy nut cornflakes in the evening. 1 bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes a week, 1 bowl cornflakes a week and 2 bowls of fruit and fibre.
* Black coffee, no sugar.
* Tea with sweetener or 1 sugar.

I'll keep you posted.

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