Ron Sant Reliability Ride 2009

The next ride coming up for me this year is the Ron Sant Reliability Ride. Hosted by Weaver Valley Cycling Club, it starts at Tarporley Village Hall at 8.30am on Monday 13th April (Bank Holiday Monday) and is 45 miles long.

I'd love you to tell you more, however I have no idea of the route. I emailed to ask if I could have a map however I was told due to copyright issues I'll only a recieve a map of the route on the morning.

Training has been going well, the Cheshire Cat was a good stretch of the legs, interval training at the gym soon followed on the Tuesday as well as a 10 mile full on time trial on Wednesday and a 20 mile loop to Holmes Chapel on Thursday evening.

13/04/09 - Ride completed read review here.

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