Bells Of Peover

The Bells Of Peover has a rich heritage and with it a large amount of hype. Hidden away down a cobbled road, in the middle of quiet, beautiful Cheshire countryside, it is situated next door to the local church which dates back to the early 1200s.

Claims of gorgeous food, award winning hospitality and fine beverages has been poured over the local press and hearsay. I ventured down tonight to see what all the fuss was about. All I'll say is don't believe the hype and don't bother wasting your money.

Pulling up in the car park there is an array of Mercedes, BMWs and Audi's. Walking inside it seems buzzy, yet suspiciously no-one seems to be eating. Those there, and I'm thinking local regulars, seem to be gathered drinking bitter, chewing the fat over how good they were at recent race at the weekend, how good they were in business last week or having a competition to see how good their loud fake laugh was.

There didn't seem to be any staff around so we sat ourselves down, once we found a table that had been cleaned, and had a look through a menu which in fairness had a good deal of choice. Unfortunately we couldn't have anything we wanted. All 3 of our main choices were out of stock due to "being very busy today" which was ridiculous. Moroccan minted lamb, mozzarella chicken with bacon and all steak burgers were gone. Even Becky's mushroom starter had to have cheddar instead of stilton, because that too was out of stock.

No staff seemed to want to come to the table and take an order so I took the matter in my own hands at the bar. In fact it looked like the place was being run by just 3 kids. I don't mind young staff by any means, but for an affluent pub with such a reputation it needs a mature pair of hands behind the bar and front of house to take orders and guide the youngsters.

The starter was miserable, for £5 a starter you'd expect more than a mouthful of average Pate, thrown together with some unfresh green leaves and one mushroom with a speckle of cheddar on it.

A waiter walked past a couple of times, peaking past the door before realising we finished our mouthful and cleared our plates. It was then nearly 25 minutes, and a prompt at the bar, in which our main course turned up. In fairness the gammon and egg was well cooked and it wasn't chewy, Becky's fish was well portioned and fell off the fork nicely. Apart from that both meals were terribly disappointing, the gammon tasted greasy, Becky's mushy peas had about 3 peas in them and the chips were poor; not homemade nor crispy, infact the fish and chip shop on Friday night did a lot better.

Nobody seemed to want to clear our plates so we went to the bar and paid either. Needless to say we weren't staying for coffee or pudding.

I am so fed up of poor service and crap food. The Dukes Of Portland in Lach Dennis is another pub in Cheshire, which is also over hyped, over priced and serves poor food, fortunately the service is a lot better. But how hard can it be? Their one and only job is to serve food and drink with a friendly, punctual service. Nothing else. Food and drink. Serve people nicely and make sure they are happy. Clean the tables. It really annoys me.

And one thing I've learnt tonight, don't believe the hype. When the regulars roll up with their Audi R8s and BMWs outside and they aren't eating in the place; simply turn round and walk away.

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