Tour Of California

Fantastic to see the Tour Of California get so much airtime. Every evening live racing on Eurosport starting at about 9pm. First couple of nights was poor coverage due to the weather, you would have thought the yanks had got this technology thing sussed!

Last night's 3rd stage was awesome coverage however getting good coverage of both the breakaway and peloton. Astana's Levi Leipheimer retained his lead, however the star of the TOC at the moment for me is Lance Armstrong. For someone who has been out of cycling for so long and to come back and ride at the front of the bunch all race is fantastic. He didn't do too badly in the time trial either, coming in the top 10 even with his time trial bike being nicked.

Armstrong isn't having the best of luck, on the second stage he crashed into a camera cycle and yesterday Leipheimer crashed into the back of him. Fortunately everyone recovered pretty quickly.

Cavendish missed out on last night's bunch sprint due to a disrupted leadout train, which may show some smoothing out to be done with the new guys.

It's really good viewing, check it out if you can!

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