Aintree Unaffiliated Showjumping Championship

I'm a very proud boyfriend. On Sunday, Becky and Jess became the first ever Aintree 75cm Unaffiliated Showjumping Championship champions with a massive 4 second lead in the jump off.

It's been a long, tough year of early Sunday mornings, standing around freezing cold arenas and listening to a bunch of loudmouths who make sure everyone knows how good they are - only for them to knock virtually every fence over in their round. The thing I love about Becky is that she lets her riding do the talking. Becky and Jess quietly get on, doing their amazing own thing and go home, normally as winners.

Time and time again you see riders bombing around a jump off course, looking at using full speed rather than simple skill and precision. One thing I always say is that it's all in the turn, and Becky and Jess are a good example of that.

Their success is a credit to both the horse and rider. Becky has beautiful smooth control and great vision to find the perfect turn for Jess. Despite Jess being nearly 19, she still has good acceleration and fantastic commitment into jumps. Throughout a whole year and a half, taking in well over 30 competitions, Jess has only knocked over 2 fences.

It was fantastic to see them after all the hard work take a little piece of Aintree history at the weekend, the first ever combination to win the 75cm and take second in the 85cm. I'm so very, very proud.

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