When even your IPhone isn't good enough!

Read an interesting article in T3 magazine yesterday. The Iphone hasn't gone down too well over in Japan with only 500,000 units shifted so far and the reason...

1) It doesn't have a mini digital TV reciever (all phones in Japan have them).
2) It doesn't have animated emotions.
3) It doesn't have a smart chip so you can use your mobile as a debit card or travel pass.
4) It doesn't have screen technology to block visability from other people.

Well away from the animated smiley faces, it just shows how far behind we are here in the UK. One guy interviewed in the article said that he was so used to watching TV on his daily commute he couldn't do without it!! Watching streaming digital TV on your phone as the norm?!

Many Japanese phones have screen technology where you can only see the screen face on, but what I find most fascinating is the use of the mobile phone as a payments system. Supposedly the smart chip for this technology has been built in Japan and is all patented so to buy the technology from them would cost a fortune, although an innovative idea.

At the moment Iphone sales make up 35% of Apple's sales alongside 12% computer sales and 53% Ipod sales. So Apple may need to go back to the drawing board to make the IPhone a success over in the Far East. Meanwhile over here in the UK...isn't Apple a fruit??

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