Warehouse Project - New Years Day with Claude Von Stroke!

Last night was the closing party of The Warehouse Project in Manchester, and courtesy of Adam B and Claude Von Stroke, I managed to get hold of a free entry.

The Warehouse Project has become a legendary clubbing institution in Manchester over the past couple of years, adding spice and sparkle to what was becoming a gloomy clubbing circuit. The idea being 4 months worth of very special Friday and Saturday night raves in, yeah you've guessed it, a Warehouse.

The Warehouse Project for the past two years has been underneath Piccadilly train station in a unused underground car park in the arches. Brick archways are decorated with a state of the art lighting system and accompnied by a very loud, crystal clear sound system. Over the past 4 months, The Warehouse Project has attracted some of the biggest lineups in the country, mixing up everything from House, Techno, Breaks & Drum & Bass with some of the best DJs from around the world. The events have been a massive success, you can count on one hand the amount of nights that haven't sold out over the past 4 months.

Last night included Yousef, Deep Dish's Dubfire and Claude Von Stroke.

Claude (or Barclay) is a friend of my mate Adam B, which dates back to the early days of Barclay setting up Dirty Bird Recordings and when Justin Martin was first putting out his productions. Barclay's alter ego Claude Von Stroke blew up in the past year with "The Whistler" and "Who's Afraid Of Detroit" getting big plays everywhere. He also has a Fabric CD out in the next couple of months so check it out!

Despite the NYE hangovers, all sets were solid and we all left happy that the New Year had started off on the right foot!

It can be full of Johnny Tight T-Shirt and Felicity Fake Tan, but if you can work past that it's a wicked night out clubbing. The good news is that The Warehouse Project will return once again to Piccadilly later on in 2009 due to the construction of a new block of flats close by being put on ice due to the credit crunch. Can't wait!

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