Northwich Guardian

I love getting the Northwich Guardian. My weekly helping of the usual nonsense from my beloved hometown.

This week sees a full page spread of a 53 year old husband from Castle called Ivan Blacka demonstrate outside Firdale Medical Centre. I say demonstrate, it was just him with a homemade oversized badge stuck to the side of his head with a home-made placard saying "This surgery has let my wife's health deteriorate for 3 years. Be aware!".

All this comes from his wife suffering from back pain for the past three years. The doctors from Firdale prescribed painkillers, which by the way Ivan didn't think were suitable for her (no reason why). Although the pain continued the doctors refused to send her for a scan or other checks, leading to this demonstration with Ivan claiming "I don't feel they're doing enough, I'm watching someone I love suffer".

As sorry as I am for his wife's condition, if he loved her so much and was so concerned why didn't he register at another surgery or visit a hospital?

Such is the sensitivity of the subject, the article stated that "Ivan and his wife, who he does not wish to be named have been married for 30 years and have a daughter". Well, if you are nosey partridge living in the Northwich, never mind the Castle area, I'm sure with that information it won't take you long to find out which Mrs Blacka it is. Hmmm I wonder which Mrs Blacka in her 50s it is in Castle then?


Ian Straker said...

We have a similar local publication, the Newton News which is filled with equally mundane stories such as the opening times at the local rubbish tip and the quality of the paving in Tesco's car park. That said, they did write a short article on me when the kahua website won an award (well, I say 'they wrote' - I sent a press release which they printed word for word.). But without these people how would you know about changes to the Youth Centre opening times!

Anonymous said...

The point of the protest was to get other people to realize how bad the health care is. Typical though nobody ever sticks together. I can only hope you face similar circumstances then you might understand what I was doing instead of making a joke out of it. It's no joke that's for sure.