Cheap supermarket prices: dealing with the crunch!

A recent press release from has shown that we're dealing with the crunch by downshifting on items such as pasta, crisps, tomato ketchup and cereal. Downshifting being a term thought up by money bod Martin Lewis, which involves consumers switching from brands to cheaper supermarket own brands. The data is shown over a year period.

Pasta own brand has seen an 8% surge with crisps, ketchup and cereal seeing a 4% increase. Baked beans, coffee and tea bags have had a 3% increase to own brand.

However when it comes to bog roll and soft drinks we like to stick to our respected brands, with 2% returning to juice brands and 1% of now rough bums returning back to Andrex and co.

When it comes to biscuits and Cola we stick with what we know, with no changes seen.

Pasta, cereal and crisps I can understand but baked beans and ketchup?!! I'd be interested to see how the data compares to Sainsbury's recent Tomato Ketchup advertising campaign. But surely everyone must know that there is only one ketchup and baked bean in this world you must use and that is Heinz! Credit crunch it may be, but thou shalt never take me from my Heinz bean.

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