Rally Disappointing News

Sad news today that Subaru have joined Suzuki and have pulled out of next year's World Rally Championship. I've already blogged about the disappointment of loosing MFI and Woolies due to the credit crunch, and now loosing one of rallying's top marques is another bitter blow.

The legendary Colin Macrae and Richard Burns all won titles while driving with Subaru, with the Impreza notoriously known for it's sporting pedigree. My mate Hodge once owned a Subaru Impreza, it was the quickest, most sharpest thing you've ever been in. It had the ability to cover ground so quickly yet at the same time with so much ease. It threw you back hard in your chair, your adrellain rushed through you, hands grasping to anything you could find, eyeballs to the back of your head and all the while you knew you were in safe hands.

The only other car which has offered me anything near the same thrill would be a BMW M Coupe. It wasn't just the speed either, the Impreza gripped like a bitch, you could put it into any corner, at any speed and it would find the apex no problem.

It was an unreal car, and I'm very lucky to have spent time in one.

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Anonymous said...

This sure seems to be the most disappointment thing for me to know about the rally. This has been causing the problem to many of the concern people that are being warned.