Manchester says NO to the Congestion Charge

Manchester has spoken and overwhelmingly the city has voted against the charge. In all ten boroughs a majority has voted no, a humiliating blow to the council with Sir Richard Leese in floods of tears exclaiming "This was the only opportunity to get £3billion of investment in public transport over the next five years and 10,000 jobs to go with it. So far nobody has been able to put forward a credible alternative to get those levels of investment".

I didn't want the charge, mainly because it would have been a pain in the arse and of huge expense to me - £5 a day to just get in and out - £1200 a year out of my wages!!

To compensate there would have been a huge injection of cash into public transport. This would have been good for those around the Manchester outskirts but not good for me coming from rural Cheshire. A sexy new and improved tram wouldn't call near to where I live, so I would have had to get a stinking, horrible 1978 train to Altringham and change over there, this is before having to drive to a train station near to where I live anyway.

The mad thing is that although I drive into Manchester, and that I would be affected by the charge, because I live in Cheshire I couldn't vote. My faith was in those from Manchester and well done to you all!!

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