I was down in London this weekend, Brad had a gig (which by the way as always was an excellent set).

I'm amazed that in such little time London will be hosting the Olympic games, the place is a dump. Ok you may be thinking cheeky Northern monkey, and yes I am incredibly proud of Manchester and my Northern roots however this is now my fourth time of visiting and I'm still not convinced. At all.

For one of the leading capital cities in Europe it is a disgrace. Although we didn't spend much time in the centre around the landmarks, at the same time we weren't out in the sticks, being based around the Kings Cross Islington area. Surely cleanliness and development has to stretch further than around Big Ben and Buckingham Palace??

It was dark, dirty, the pavement stones were crooked everywhere and full of holes. The place stank and looked like it needed a good power wash. Half the buildings were boarded up with the rest of the streets lined with small, poorly decorated shops selling computers and bags of crisps, drinks, magazines and other rubbish on the side. Add to that the ridiculous prices in the city and you leave disheartened, your British pride demolished and a huge hole in your bank balence with no memory to replace it.

I didn't see one Christmas decoration at all throughout the weekend, that's how morbid the area was.

I'm not saying Manchester is perfect, Ancoats and around Strangeways is in desperate need of a freshen up, however there is a warm, friendly atmosphere, beautifully kept buildings, proud shopkeepers and clean surroundings which London doesn't have at all.

I've visited a huge amount of UK towns and cities around the UK with my djing and ventured to a number of cities in Europe too; everywhere I've been to makes me proud, and realise how lucky I am to be near Manchester. If only Manchester could take on Paris' amazing public transport system and the sparkle of Dubrovnik and Zagreb!!

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