I'm A Twit

I heard about Twitter ages ago and I thought it was a bit gimmicky, riding on Facebook's status update, so never followed it up. Now it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is getting involved. So much so that if you were subscribed to Lance Armstrong's Twitter last week you would have heard before any of the news sites that he was taking part in the Tour De France this year!!

Looking into it you can update online through the Twitter website but most interestingly you simply send a text message to the Twitter number and it updates your status instantly online.

Big deal you think, I can do that on Facebook - however where Twitter comes into play is that it basically hooks up and works around blogs. Also Twitter updates should be more mini-blogs than simply a status update like "Andy is looking forward to getting really drunk at Spoons tonight".

However the most powerful part of Twitter is that instantly news, such as the Lance Armstrong example above, can be broadcasted worldwide in one simple text message. With the right contacts, in particular the press, this could be very powerful, especially with every news group fighting to be the first to release news headlines.

This is a fantastic tool for PR agencies and more importantly for those in the limelight. Going back to the Lance Armstrong example, he will be documenting his return to cycling in 2009, meaning you will have inside access to his thoughts and feelings right from the horses mouth. Lance is particulary honest and open at the best of times in a notoriously bitchy sport and this could lead to amazing fireworks seeing his thoughts from the tour bus on the way back to the hotel after the race. Imagine footballers doing the same from the dressing room? I've already seen Twitter reports from people giving their opinion during key conferences and seminars, most notably a David Cameron speech recently.

Equally having journalist contacts on your Twitter following will mean you can grab a sneaky story before it is broadcasted live on air or written in a blog.

I'm going to give it a go if my phone bill can handle it http://twitter.com/andywood86

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