Handbags At Dawn

Well I didn't make it to the Boxing Day sales, the Trafford Centre car park was full at 9am and throughout the day you couldn't get near the place for love nor money. Reports filtered in from around the country of people queuing up from the early hours of Boxing Day morning. One person at the front of a 2000 strong queue at Selfridges London had been there since 2am!! And the reason why? She wanted a handbag.

Selfridges had Gucci and Prada handbags at half price, such deals caused scenes not witnessed since the days of Take That back in the 90s. As soon as the doors opened there were screams, running, pushing and grabbing to be the first to grab a reduced handbag. At the Trafford Centre there was a report of a security guard having to seperate two people apart from fighting over a Gucci handbag, and that a huge roped off queue had formed at the Gucci store inside Selfridges.

Of course this is all great PR for Selfridges and Gucci. However away from the Gucci store there were little bargains to be had with reports of prices not being considerably different or certain sought after items taken off the shelves. People flocked to the recently placed in administration Zavvi only to walk out empty handed from the poor deals available.

It was interesting to see the range of adverts on Christmas Day, in particular from Marks And Spencer, who also sent an email to my inbox on Christmas Day morning (yes the morning!) informing me that the sales had already started.

Christmas Day afternoon is becoming a major area for marketeers. 5 million people shopped online on Christmas Day afternoon compared to the 4.5 million who went to church.

They've realised that the dead hours between 3pm - 7pm, where drunken minds and bloated bellys sit infront of the TV after watching the Queen's speech with nothing much else to do while waiting for Wallace & Grommit, is fastly becoming more important than the Boxing Day mafia. The shops may be closed but the website will always open. People popping online to simply preview tomorrow's Boxing Day deals are met with Christmas Day offers with the promise of further discounts if you buy online today.

So my advice for next year is to avoid the traffic jams and the prospect of a black eye from a shopping lunatic and get yourself online. There is more to be had, you can get it before anyone else and a lot cheaper too!

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