Lead Balloon

Great news that Lead Balloon is back for a 3rd series on BBC 2.

Written by Jack Dee, it follows miserable d-list comedian Rick Spleen, naturally played by Jack Dee, through his day to day trials and tribulations. I love Lead Balloon, the script is well written, the cast is perfect, especially his wife Mel who is played beautifully by Rachel Cassidy and Polish house keeper Magda who is hilarious. If you're like me and get all worked up about cinematography, Lead Balloon is well produced. It's very cosmopolitan and the direction is spot on, you can tell a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into it!

I'm a big fan of Jack Dee, I've got all his DVDs, and if you love his stuff or enjoy cuddling up to a relaxed, warm comedy check this out. Thursdays at 10!

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