Crazy P - Stop Space Return.

When I first discovered these guys they were called Crazy Penis, and it was their remix of Blakkat's 'The Rite Place' on Shaboom Recordings which got me hooked. Although it was house, it felt as though it was a cool sessions band having a good jam. 'The Rite Place' always got a good reaction and fast forwarding 5 years later those simplistic elements of drums, bassline, funky guitar, warm synths, piano keys and a scrummy vocal are still there.

Before 'The Rite Place', they had a solid succession of releases on Manchester's renowned Paper Recordings before releasing "24 Hour Psychedelic Workout" on Shiva Records in 2003. In 2005, Crazy Penis was re-named to a PR friendlier Crazy P, and with that launched their critically acclaimed album "A Night On Earth" again on Shiva Records.

Nottingham based Crazy P are made up with Danielle Moore on vocals, Chris Todd on guitar and keys and Jim Baron on keys, guitars, horns and everything else in between. Chris is also known as 'Hot Toddy' and has had releases on Winding Road Records. Jim can also be found as a band member of Secret Stealth, which should you enjoy Crazy P, I would definately recommend their album Mince & Onions from last year.

So, 'Stop, Space Return' is launched on Ralph Lawson's 20:20 Vision imprint, and compared to their last albums, I'm wondering if 20:20 has influenced them to become slightly more grittier, with strong electronic influences throughout. The thing I love with Crazy P, is that all their albums take you on a journey. Ok, I know that is well worn cliche, but you do become mesmerized with Danielle's vocals and those synths wrap around you.

This is an incredible album. Each individual track is very well produced, super funky and I would say it's their best work to date. You could easily put this CD on and either relax with a bottle of wine or put it on full blast at a party.

If you love Jamiroquai, 70s or 80s funk, you will love Crazy P. They are also touring throughout November taking in Leeds, London and Nottingham. You can find out more on their website at or check out their albums on iTunes.

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