Head Freeze

My Christmas present this year was a Bell Alchera bike helmet. For the past couple of years I've riden helmet-less, much to the disapproval of many.

It wasn't because I was arrogant to the fact that I was putting my life at risk not wearing a helmet, I knew I was, I just never felt the need to wear one around the country lanes of where I live. However now I'm getting faster and doing lengthier rides, which take in bigger A roads, I'm noticing that cars are getting closer and closer to me and each time I seem to have a close miss, dispite wearing reflective clothing. So, I've now got a helmet.

It took ages to find the right one. I tried on 30 in Evans Cycles, none of which fitted correctly at all, the Specialised Bike Helmets especially made me look like a mushroom head. I appreciate that the whole point of the helmet is safety first, but surely there must be a helmet which fits better around my head! Then I came across the Bell Alchera, it still sticks out slightly around the sides but a much better fit (looking on the forums Bell seem to be the best if you're looking for a neat fit).

So on Boxing Day off I went for a ride to give it a good roadtest. Now these helmets are designed to give you good ventilation and to keep you cool during the hot summer month's. You actually see pictures of guys wearing hats underneath helmets in the winter editions of Cycling Weekly and I always thought they were being too cool for school. 15 minutes in and I was suffering serious brain freeze. The amount of freezing cool air whizzing around my head was incredible. Air swirlled around everywhere, so now I need to invest in a bike hat to keep my head warm.

So, buy a bike helmet it keeps you safe and it's like sticking your head in a freezer.

Handbags At Dawn

Well I didn't make it to the Boxing Day sales, the Trafford Centre car park was full at 9am and throughout the day you couldn't get near the place for love nor money. Reports filtered in from around the country of people queuing up from the early hours of Boxing Day morning. One person at the front of a 2000 strong queue at Selfridges London had been there since 2am!! And the reason why? She wanted a handbag.

Selfridges had Gucci and Prada handbags at half price, such deals caused scenes not witnessed since the days of Take That back in the 90s. As soon as the doors opened there were screams, running, pushing and grabbing to be the first to grab a reduced handbag. At the Trafford Centre there was a report of a security guard having to seperate two people apart from fighting over a Gucci handbag, and that a huge roped off queue had formed at the Gucci store inside Selfridges.

Of course this is all great PR for Selfridges and Gucci. However away from the Gucci store there were little bargains to be had with reports of prices not being considerably different or certain sought after items taken off the shelves. People flocked to the recently placed in administration Zavvi only to walk out empty handed from the poor deals available.

It was interesting to see the range of adverts on Christmas Day, in particular from Marks And Spencer, who also sent an email to my inbox on Christmas Day morning (yes the morning!) informing me that the sales had already started.

Christmas Day afternoon is becoming a major area for marketeers. 5 million people shopped online on Christmas Day afternoon compared to the 4.5 million who went to church.

They've realised that the dead hours between 3pm - 7pm, where drunken minds and bloated bellys sit infront of the TV after watching the Queen's speech with nothing much else to do while waiting for Wallace & Grommit, is fastly becoming more important than the Boxing Day mafia. The shops may be closed but the website will always open. People popping online to simply preview tomorrow's Boxing Day deals are met with Christmas Day offers with the promise of further discounts if you buy online today.

So my advice for next year is to avoid the traffic jams and the prospect of a black eye from a shopping lunatic and get yourself online. There is more to be had, you can get it before anyone else and a lot cheaper too!

Twitter Crazy - Front Page Of The Times

While lifting up the front page of The Times this morning, I spat my half my cornflakes out across the room, for what did I see but a quote on an article featured inside about Twitter.

Written by Basically, if you're not on it now then you should/will be in 2009.

You can view the article here.

Pint of Insultation anyone?

Saw this while out on the works do on Friday. Ginger Tosser and what sounds like methalated spirit – Hydes Insulation. Eeeek!

Rally Disappointing News

Sad news today that Subaru have joined Suzuki and have pulled out of next year's World Rally Championship. I've already blogged about the disappointment of loosing MFI and Woolies due to the credit crunch, and now loosing one of rallying's top marques is another bitter blow.

The legendary Colin Macrae and Richard Burns all won titles while driving with Subaru, with the Impreza notoriously known for it's sporting pedigree. My mate Hodge once owned a Subaru Impreza, it was the quickest, most sharpest thing you've ever been in. It had the ability to cover ground so quickly yet at the same time with so much ease. It threw you back hard in your chair, your adrellain rushed through you, hands grasping to anything you could find, eyeballs to the back of your head and all the while you knew you were in safe hands.

The only other car which has offered me anything near the same thrill would be a BMW M Coupe. It wasn't just the speed either, the Impreza gripped like a bitch, you could put it into any corner, at any speed and it would find the apex no problem.

It was an unreal car, and I'm very lucky to have spent time in one.

Manchester says NO to the Congestion Charge

Manchester has spoken and overwhelmingly the city has voted against the charge. In all ten boroughs a majority has voted no, a humiliating blow to the council with Sir Richard Leese in floods of tears exclaiming "This was the only opportunity to get £3billion of investment in public transport over the next five years and 10,000 jobs to go with it. So far nobody has been able to put forward a credible alternative to get those levels of investment".

I didn't want the charge, mainly because it would have been a pain in the arse and of huge expense to me - £5 a day to just get in and out - £1200 a year out of my wages!!

To compensate there would have been a huge injection of cash into public transport. This would have been good for those around the Manchester outskirts but not good for me coming from rural Cheshire. A sexy new and improved tram wouldn't call near to where I live, so I would have had to get a stinking, horrible 1978 train to Altringham and change over there, this is before having to drive to a train station near to where I live anyway.

The mad thing is that although I drive into Manchester, and that I would be affected by the charge, because I live in Cheshire I couldn't vote. My faith was in those from Manchester and well done to you all!!

This week I've been mainly listening to...

Journey Into Paradise: The Larry Levan Story.

I happened to stroll across this on itunes the other night. It's fantastic, it features a couple of my favourites including the original extended mix of Janice McClain's - Smack Dab In The Middle and Patrice Rushen's - Haven't You Heard. Chaka Khan's - Clouds, Change's - A Lovers Holiday, Lace - Can't Play Around and Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers' remix of Sister Sledge's - Lost In Music also feature.

This is an incredible album and a great tribute to Larry Levan. It's such a shame he died of a heart attack when he was 38 as I'm sure today he would still be heavily involved with the scene, I certainly would have been on the dancefloor! If you dig good 70s disco, right smack dab out of the Paradise Factory then get involved!

Disc One
1. Paradise - Change
2. Weekend (12" Extended Version) - Phreek
3. Clouds - Chaka Khan
4. Haven't You Heard - Patrice Rushen
5. We Got The Funk (12" US Re-edit Version) - Positive Force
6. Smack Dab In The Middle - Janice McLain
7. Bad For Me (12" Long Version) - Dee Dee Bridgewater
8. Heartbeat (Club Version) - Taana Gardner
9. You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) - David Joseph
10. Love Honey, Love Heartache (12" Vocal Version) - Man Friday
11. Don't Make Me Wait (12" Extended Version) - Peech Boys

Disc Two
1. Baby I'm Scared Of You - Womack & Womack
2. Lost In Music (Special 1984 Nile Rodgers Remix) - Sister Sledge
3. Why Leave Us Alone (12" Long Version) - Five Special
4. Love Injection - Trussel
5. Can't Play Around (12" Vocal Version) - Lace
6. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (The Garage Version) - Inner Life
7. It Should Have Been You (12" Vocal Version) - Gwen Guthrie
8. A Lover's Holiday (12" Version) - Change
9. Situation - Yaz
10. Once In A Lifetime - Talking Heads
11. Love Has Come Around (12" Version) - Donald Byrd & 125th Street N.Y.C.

I'm A Twit

I heard about Twitter ages ago and I thought it was a bit gimmicky, riding on Facebook's status update, so never followed it up. Now it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is getting involved. So much so that if you were subscribed to Lance Armstrong's Twitter last week you would have heard before any of the news sites that he was taking part in the Tour De France this year!!

Looking into it you can update online through the Twitter website but most interestingly you simply send a text message to the Twitter number and it updates your status instantly online.

Big deal you think, I can do that on Facebook - however where Twitter comes into play is that it basically hooks up and works around blogs. Also Twitter updates should be more mini-blogs than simply a status update like "Andy is looking forward to getting really drunk at Spoons tonight".

However the most powerful part of Twitter is that instantly news, such as the Lance Armstrong example above, can be broadcasted worldwide in one simple text message. With the right contacts, in particular the press, this could be very powerful, especially with every news group fighting to be the first to release news headlines.

This is a fantastic tool for PR agencies and more importantly for those in the limelight. Going back to the Lance Armstrong example, he will be documenting his return to cycling in 2009, meaning you will have inside access to his thoughts and feelings right from the horses mouth. Lance is particulary honest and open at the best of times in a notoriously bitchy sport and this could lead to amazing fireworks seeing his thoughts from the tour bus on the way back to the hotel after the race. Imagine footballers doing the same from the dressing room? I've already seen Twitter reports from people giving their opinion during key conferences and seminars, most notably a David Cameron speech recently.

Equally having journalist contacts on your Twitter following will mean you can grab a sneaky story before it is broadcasted live on air or written in a blog.

I'm going to give it a go if my phone bill can handle it http://twitter.com/andywood86


I was down in London this weekend, Brad had a gig (which by the way as always was an excellent set).

I'm amazed that in such little time London will be hosting the Olympic games, the place is a dump. Ok you may be thinking cheeky Northern monkey, and yes I am incredibly proud of Manchester and my Northern roots however this is now my fourth time of visiting and I'm still not convinced. At all.

For one of the leading capital cities in Europe it is a disgrace. Although we didn't spend much time in the centre around the landmarks, at the same time we weren't out in the sticks, being based around the Kings Cross Islington area. Surely cleanliness and development has to stretch further than around Big Ben and Buckingham Palace??

It was dark, dirty, the pavement stones were crooked everywhere and full of holes. The place stank and looked like it needed a good power wash. Half the buildings were boarded up with the rest of the streets lined with small, poorly decorated shops selling computers and bags of crisps, drinks, magazines and other rubbish on the side. Add to that the ridiculous prices in the city and you leave disheartened, your British pride demolished and a huge hole in your bank balence with no memory to replace it.

I didn't see one Christmas decoration at all throughout the weekend, that's how morbid the area was.

I'm not saying Manchester is perfect, Ancoats and around Strangeways is in desperate need of a freshen up, however there is a warm, friendly atmosphere, beautifully kept buildings, proud shopkeepers and clean surroundings which London doesn't have at all.

I've visited a huge amount of UK towns and cities around the UK with my djing and ventured to a number of cities in Europe too; everywhere I've been to makes me proud, and realise how lucky I am to be near Manchester. If only Manchester could take on Paris' amazing public transport system and the sparkle of Dubrovnik and Zagreb!!

Never mind Weetabix!

I read in today's Insider e-shot that Mario’s CafĂ© Bar in Westhoughton is offering a breakfast comprising:
*ten eggs
*ten sausages
*ten rashers
*ten slices of toast
*five black pudding slices
*tomatoes mushrooms and beans.

It costs £10.95, but if you gobble down the whole lot you eat for free. The best bit though is that all diners must sign a disclaimer and a spokesman for the British Heart Foundation said “eating this amount in one sitting is not a good idea". Durrrr really!!

Snowthing to talk about!

I've not got much to say at the moment, nothing's been going on. I've just been waiting for the snow to fall and I'm still waiting now - rubbish!

Other than that I've just about shaking off a cold for the past week, and started back at the gym as part of my get fit plan for next year's cycle sportive season! I'm planning on kickstarting with the Cheshire Cat in March.

I also played footy for the first time in 2 years with the lads from work on Tuesday at JJB opposite the ChillFactore. I managed to last the 60 minutes relatively unscathed, however 2 days later I'm still very stiff and sore!

I've got a busy weekend ahead, I'm off to London on Saturday, Brad is djing at a night called Peg, next door to Fabric so looking forward to that. I've been saving up for the past 6 months as my understanding is a pint of Fosters darn Sarf is £200.

Where Will I Buy My Pick & Mix Now?

Woolies has gone into administration.

Described as a 'lame duck' by the BBC, Woolies crippled under £300 million worth of debt. The government won't help out either as it felt Woolworths had a poor business model and wasn't a viable business to invest in.

It's a huge shame to loose such a big British name, over 800 stores will disappear in town's across the UK, with over 25,000 job losses. Woolies has been struggling for ages, and some say it would have have still gone under even if the economy was good, although I'm sure the money could be raised today someone would buy it out. One for Theo Paphitis perhaps?

Although I've not been into Woolies for ages it will be sad to see it go. I went to a MFI store in Warrington the other week which was closing down. It was a humbling, disappointing and very sad experience. To see a proud, buzzing, successful store which was once a weekend trip out with Mum, Dad & a baby brother as a youngster to now an empty, desolate store was upsetting.

Drive past now and it is simply locked up, neglected, weeds already growing around it and Woolworths will soon be the same. Except this time it is directly on the high street.

Business For Breakfast

I popped along to a breakfast conference this morning at Cobbetts solicitors rather posh offices. Hosted by advertising and marketing industry news website How Do, it featured 3 of the regions big business editors Andy Bounds from the Financial Times, David Parkin from newly launched TheBusinessDesk.com and Steve Brauner from heavyweight Crain’s Manchester Business, well chaired by How Do's Nick Jaspan.

There is a lot of talk about the Manchester circuit being over subscribed with business news titles, especially with City AM being another addition in 2009. It was good to hear from the horses mouth what news they were actually interested in, and if there is actually room in the bed for another friend.

There weren't any surprises, Andy Bounds said if you weren't a listed company or had big hitting news then forget it, while Business Desk and Crain's basically said the same thing as each other.

There is an argument to whether print media is still relevant. Business Desk doesn't seem to think so, all their content will stay totally free and online only. Crain's run both a news website (with fresh news accessable for free, with more detailed stories and case studies only available to subscriber content) and a weekly print edition. A guy sat next to me pointed out that he, like me and many others, doesn't read the print edition and if there was any need for it. Crain's argued that their weekly print edition had content which couldn't be found elsewhere, and especially not on their own website. However as Mr Brauner said this he held up a recent print edition, the leading story I had read a couple of days before. Hmmmm.

I'm subscribed to all newsfeeds. I'm a huge fan of Crain's, I was one of the first subcribers and I find their website and especially their e-shot to be easy to read and relevant. I don't read the print edition as I don't have time (another discussion point & a sign of a changing media I'm sure) however their idea to distribute on Virgin Trains is fantastic. I also admire Crain's confidence to keep their advertising rates level despite much disapproval from many - I like that.

Secondly I read the business section of the Manchester Evening News and thirdly the Insider daily news release, which I've found recently to be more inviting to read. I'm then subscribed to BusinessDesk.com, which doesn't do anything different for me so it normally gets deleted. I left today thinking that is was a shame I felt like that because I found David Parkin to be a fantastic speaker. He was lively, well presented and well spoken compared to the droneful Steve Brauner.

Maybe I'll check out Business Desk's e-shots in the future but the problem I have is that both Crains, BusinessDesk and Insider run the same stories and the same content, much to their claims they don't.

One PR lady in the audience asked about exclusivity for their clients and what should she do - share it around? Quickly both David and Steve distanced themselves away from exclusives, "woah we don't do that, we don't care about exclusives, it's the quality rather than quantity". That I don't believe, from past experience myself there is a big competition to who publishes the story first.

Until the editors start adding more depth to stories it will be an individual choice of who you read and I think I'll still to Crains for my daily fix. It rocks!

Budget Report - VAT rates cut.

Mr Darling has cut VAT by 2.5% which should see you saving of a couple of quid when buying an iPod or a few pence when buying a CD. Hopefully along with the lower petrol prices, which should now be saving you a few pounds each week, this will bring confidence back to consumers. And although the killjoys are asking how a couple of pounds off an iPod is going to help them, I've figured out that if you're looking at buying a new car at the moment, you should be treated to a saving of over £300 with today's rate cuts on a family hatchback! Terrific!

However you may notice I've used the word 'should'. These VAT rate cuts today are all dependent, as much as the interest rate cuts, in businesses passing those on. I would imagine these cuts will take a while to be fully implimented, especially with small businesses, due to the process of having labels, menu's, leaflets and adverts re-printed with the adjusted VAT.

SME's do have a lot of support though from this Budget. They should see extra money coming in each month due to being able to spread their VAT, corporation tax and NI contribution payments over a longer period and a tax repayment scheme for previously profitable businesses will be extended so up to £50,000 of losses can be offset against profits made over last three years. SME's will also be able to dive into a £4bn help fund which has been agreed between the European Investment Bank & UK banks.

Although this Budget doesn't bring good news for high earners. If you earn over £150,000, you will now be paying 45% tax. Yikes!

We are in no doubt living in tough times, Honda have closed their factory in Swindon for several months over the Winter due to lack of orders, so have Bentley in Crewe and today America have bailed out one of the largest banks in the world, Citi Group, however with every little bit of help, breeds a little bit of confidence and this was seen today with a 10 point rise in the FTSE, it's biggest ever in history.

Behind The Scenes Filming GB Cycling Team

Behind the scenes filming of the British Cycling team for Sports Personality Of The Year using a motorbike and helicopter on the tops in Burnley. See the state of the art GB cycling van for transporting the bikes, Jamie Staff loving a sandwich, Chris Hoy getting knackered because he hasn't been on a bike for a while and is that Wiggins's new white BMW M3?

Good stuff at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tv_and_radio/sports_personality_of_the_year/7736107.stm

Lead Balloon

Great news that Lead Balloon is back for a 3rd series on BBC 2.

Written by Jack Dee, it follows miserable d-list comedian Rick Spleen, naturally played by Jack Dee, through his day to day trials and tribulations. I love Lead Balloon, the script is well written, the cast is perfect, especially his wife Mel who is played beautifully by Rachel Cassidy and Polish house keeper Magda who is hilarious. If you're like me and get all worked up about cinematography, Lead Balloon is well produced. It's very cosmopolitan and the direction is spot on, you can tell a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into it!

I'm a big fan of Jack Dee, I've got all his DVDs, and if you love his stuff or enjoy cuddling up to a relaxed, warm comedy check this out. Thursdays at 10!

Business North West

I've just returned from the Business North West exhbition at the GMEX in Manchester where I've been exhibiting for the past couple of days. BNW focusses on supporting SMEs, in particular start ups on all aspects of business. Our stand was a huge success and I'm back home nursing very sore feet!!

PR guru Max Clifford kicked off proceedings on the main stage today while the girls from the Apprentice (Jennifer, the ginger one from the last series and Kristina, the irish one from a couple of series ago who came second) were on yesterday. They have started a sales training and motivation company and were also pitching away to visitors over the 2 days. Nigel Hughes, who heads up Rattle PR, managed to grab an interview with Jennifer after Max Clifford's speech - I don't think she likes him too much!

Crazy P - Stop Space Return.

When I first discovered these guys they were called Crazy Penis, and it was their remix of Blakkat's 'The Rite Place' on Shaboom Recordings which got me hooked. Although it was house, it felt as though it was a cool sessions band having a good jam. 'The Rite Place' always got a good reaction and fast forwarding 5 years later those simplistic elements of drums, bassline, funky guitar, warm synths, piano keys and a scrummy vocal are still there.

Before 'The Rite Place', they had a solid succession of releases on Manchester's renowned Paper Recordings before releasing "24 Hour Psychedelic Workout" on Shiva Records in 2003. In 2005, Crazy Penis was re-named to a PR friendlier Crazy P, and with that launched their critically acclaimed album "A Night On Earth" again on Shiva Records.

Nottingham based Crazy P are made up with Danielle Moore on vocals, Chris Todd on guitar and keys and Jim Baron on keys, guitars, horns and everything else in between. Chris is also known as 'Hot Toddy' and has had releases on Winding Road Records. Jim can also be found as a band member of Secret Stealth, which should you enjoy Crazy P, I would definately recommend their album Mince & Onions from last year.

So, 'Stop, Space Return' is launched on Ralph Lawson's 20:20 Vision imprint, and compared to their last albums, I'm wondering if 20:20 has influenced them to become slightly more grittier, with strong electronic influences throughout. The thing I love with Crazy P, is that all their albums take you on a journey. Ok, I know that is well worn cliche, but you do become mesmerized with Danielle's vocals and those synths wrap around you.

This is an incredible album. Each individual track is very well produced, super funky and I would say it's their best work to date. You could easily put this CD on and either relax with a bottle of wine or put it on full blast at a party.

If you love Jamiroquai, 70s or 80s funk, you will love Crazy P. They are also touring throughout November taking in Leeds, London and Nottingham. You can find out more on their website at www.crazyp.co.uk or check out their albums on iTunes.

Robin Thicke - Something Else.

Chances are you haven't heard of Robin Thicke, and neither had I until a few weeks ago. I strolled across this album on iTunes and was hooked straight away. Smooth, relaxing and funky, I've really enjoyed listening to it and would really recommend it to anyone who is into motown, soul, R'n'B or list Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind and Fire, Average White Band, Warren G or Guru on your MP3 player.

My pick is 'Sweetest Love' which has also had support from the likes of Trevor Nelson. Check out Robin's website at http://www.robinthicke.com/


1 You're My Baby
2 Sidestep
3 Magic
4 Ms. Harmony
5 Dreamworld
6 Loverman
7 Hard On My Love
8 The Sweetest Love
9 Something Else
10 Shadow of Doubt
11 Cry No More
12 Tie My Hands (featuring Lil Wayne)

Top 10 Cocks In Advertising

Charlie Brooker runs us through.

Alto @ Radisson Edwardian Manchester

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the opening of Alto at the Radisson Edwardian Manchester last night. For any foodies out there who don't mind spending that little bit extra this place is a must!

Radisson Edwardian is more known for Opus One, Alto's more expensive brother however, for the moment at least, Alto is a quiet little gem of a restaurant in Manchester.

The restaurant is situated just past the reception, seperated by long glass windows. Once inside you can grab a seat at one of the sofas by the windows and watch the world (and celebrities) go by. After being warmly welcomed with little bottles of champagne, Rioja and Budweiser we were treated to miniature tasters of the food on offer. The food is homely, freshly made, the pizzas are scrumptious and the burgers with piccalilli are just out of this world.

With the wine flowing we were seated to a 3 course meal of Red Pepper & Tomato Soap, Cottage Pie and Winter Vegetables with chocolate and vanilla mousses for pudding. Everything was well seasoned, the vegetables were soft but still had that little bit of crunchiness to them and the soup....at this point it's probably worth saying I'm not a great fan of soup. It's always too watery, made from wierd mixtures of vegetable and always has wierd bits swimming in it. However, this soup at Alto was just gorgeous. It was thick, tasty and simply delicious.

A 3 course meal for two with beers, wine and coffee will be knocking on the door of £80. The portions are plentiful, atmosphere buzzing, food delicious and even for a normal bod like me, I'd be only too happy to spend the money occasionally.

Alto is a down to earth, casual restaurant you've probably not heard of yet, but once you've tried the food you'll most certainly be back for more.

Bank Of England Reduces Base Rate to 3%

Well, a huge statement of intent to get the economy moving by the Bank Of England, reducing interest rates by 1.5% in one hit. This is huge, huge news as for the past year the Bank Of England has simply wibble wobbled about nibbling off a quarter of a percent here and there. Today's rate cut just shows the severity of the problem in the economy at the moment. The rate cut should bring some good news, freeing up some extra cash for hard up families on tracker mortgages however brings more bad news for savers who will have seen their rates almost halved in the past year.

Hopefully, together with lower fuel prices and lowering taxes, confidence will return to consumers.

Interestingly, many people have opted to staying in over the weekend in order to save the pennies which has seen Dominoes Pizza report soaring profits. However, a medium Tandoori Hot and a small Meateor pizza adds up to £19, if you collect it yourself. A meal for 2 at the Hollow Tree, a gorgeous pub just off the Stretton roundabout in Cheshire which included a starter, 2 coffee's and 4 pints of beer was £21.

Marks and Spencer has also been suffering badly with profits down 35%, however I've not actually been into a Marks & Spencers store and seen a decent offer yet. If businesses are to survive they need to alter their pricing and advertise more to let people know whats out there. Boots The Chemist for example has fantastic offers on and I would highly recommend checking out their Christmas catalogue for gifts for all the family. And guess what, their balance sheet is looking pretty healthy!


Myself and 14 other guys at work are raising money for Prostate Cancer. We are doing this by growing moustaches through out November.

Movember is an officially recognised charity, which creates awareness about Prostate Cancer through research, support, information and campaigning.

Although awareness is slowly growing, Prostate Cancer is still relatively starved of promotion and the statistics are alarming. 1 in 11 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime, with one man dying every hour from the cancer.

We've set up a dedicated webpage to securely donate online and you can also keep track of our progress everyday at http://www.go-cd.co.uk/mogo/

You can find out more about Movember by visiting their website at www.movember.com

Your donation will be very, very much appreciated. Thanks.

US Election Result

Barack Obama wins 2 to 1 and in my opinion, from what I've seen in the papers and TV coverage over the past few months, I feel he is the right choice.

Although I'm an avid follower of politics, I've not got too involved with these elections. It could only be America that turns an episode of Question Time into an episode from a Jeremy Kyle show. Everything was hazy, hesitant, stuttery, and it actually made me feel proud for our bumbling Politicians back here in the UK, and all the while the audience shouted, wooped and hailed yeah whenever McCain or Obama were mentioned.

One thing that I found surprising was just how much the audience talked about history and race. I found it strange that even today, having a black candidate was hard to swallow for some of the American audience, and even last night during the results on the BBC, there were accusations of racism, which were of course played down.

There was also a lot of talk about American history (not surprising I hear you say as there normally is with British politics too), however with British politics it normally goes as far back to about the 1970s. Back in America I was really surprised that they brought up issues to as far back as the early 1900s, at one point even World War 2 was brought into context as one disgruntled member of the audience fought it out with a Professor on the panel.

It was this little episode where I decided to shut off, the member felt that there was no way at all that this Professor, who had spent his life studying American politics and history, was right at all and set about constantly, rudely interuptting him. All the while the Jeremy Kyle crowd wooped and cheered leaving me to question how old these people were and what zoo they had escaped from?

One thing that all of the audience did seem to have in common was the hope of the American dream. Obama talks about the American dream in his speeches, echoing Martin Luther King, and his victory speech can be found at length here at The Times. I'd like to highlight the opening verse:

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

It’s the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers this nation has never seen; by people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the very first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different; that their voice could be that difference.

It’s the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled – Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America.

If anyone can take the American people to live the American Dream it is Obama. Simply because he is a President that won't look to take over the world like Bush, but simply will be a President that will look after America. Yeeeehaaaa!

Hello & Welcome!


Well, here we go! I've taken the plunge into the dark murky waters of blogging.

Through work I've become increasingly aware of just how powerful blogs can be. Over 60% of people using the internet are either reading or participating in blogs, which is incredible when you consider that figure is actually hundreds and hundreds of millions of people.

So...I shouldn't have much of a problem with people listening to my big gob. We shall see!!